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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy 77th Birthday In Heaven Daddy

Today and everyday you are on my mind and in my heart.
I'm so thankful to have all my memories of you.
The way you always talked to me and taught me a lot about so many things.

Particular memory stands out is going on the Road with you and moving in with you full time in my 7th grade year of school. 
You would sit at the kitchen table and taught me how to draw your Tractor Trailer Truck.
You had detailed all the lights, CB antennas, Mirrors and all that.
You had just got a brand new GMC. 
Told me always remember GMC stood for "Great Mountain Climber"
(I passed on that Art to my Sons)

You took me out there on the road all over the USA
Watching you pull the biggest single wide Mobile Homes out of Athens, Alabama
We'd stop at night because it was against the law to pull them at night.
But, we'd wake up bright an early to deliver to dealer and then turn around and do it again.

Many times, I'd be sitting in the passenger seat of your truck listening to you on that CB (your handle was (Eval Knievel) you earned that handle from Harley Davidson's and doing things most Men wouldn't dare do except Eval Knievel. I do know Motorcycles was a passion in your life as was anything that you could build or expand on. I always admired that.

The time you made a snow sled for Dustin and there wasn't even any snow and you pulled him around your farm with horses. 

Danny Ray would be 57 this year Robbie just turned 50 and me 47.
and your 77th Birthday. 

Your in my heart and I am blessed to be your Daughter and Honored.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy 29th Birthday In Heaven My Son Dustin

My Dearest First Born Son Dustin....

29 years ago I gave birth to one of the greatest Sons.

September 29. 1985 changed my life forever in ways that were all for the betterment of my life.

Most of my childhood was spent going out to Redstone Arsenal for all my Medical as well as going to Commissary for groceries every month with Mama. I had eye surgery in Fort McClellan Army Base in 1972. I was 5 very close to being 6.
It was traumatic as they had wards in the hospital so no private or two room bed patients. It was a line of beds with all the sick and healing Soldiers and  their families.

Early on, when we'd go out on base at Redstone Arsenal here in Huntsville, Alabama our hometown as we were born in Huntsville Hospital. It was just apart of this area of the USA to see Soldiers Marching and for a child be it Son or Daughter it was a career that many of us natives of Huntsville considered. That or Law Enforcement since the majority of your Grandma's family (Mama's Side) was in some area of Serving the City for many decades.

When I was 16, My Mama called the Recruitment office and was ready to enroll me or either into some area of the Law. It was very unfortunate that we were not eligible due to our eye-sight which is hereditary handed down for many years. It was a disability that only those of us know what a fight it is to do our best to be able-bodied and nobody wants to be disabled with sight or otherwise. 

You amazed me by not letting that disability define you and you pushed forward full speed ahead. Not even your best friends knew the struggle it took sometimes to do the tedious work you did concerning your sight and mind depending on it tremendously. 

It would break my heart that you were self conscious about those areas and I understood that completely as did others because they seen your true passion to get your work and dreams done regardless.

The encouragement you gave me and I gave you got us above the day to day chaos. Sometimes we wasn't sure and gave it all to Hope & Faith. I know as your Mom that you had plenty of that Courage to succeed at the accomplishments you made for others and yourself. I hope people never forget your geniune generosity, work ethic and your wanting to please them and watch them climb that ladder. You did a Hell of a Job. You Deserve the what ever your heart desires up there in Heaven. I know that would be that your Mom and Brother be Healthy, Safe and Well. 

You Collected many Military Artifacts
You always bought Military Car Tags
Your Trip To Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York was a Highlight in your Life
You  have Pins in your Truck that are still there. Although, someone got the POW Pin.
To you, sitting for hours listening to our Veterans was your kind of Day.
You bought many History Books on our Country.

You Tattooed An American Eagle On your Right Arm From Shoulder to Elbow with your name "Dustin" in Middle.

I still have your collection of Eagles.

This year for your balloon Release I chose to go to the Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial 
Son, I Know your looking down and are amazed at our hometown for Honoring Our Heroes

I Love You Dustin, My First Born Son...I Miss You...I Celebrate Your Life because that's what you'd expect of me.... Your Brothers misses you also... I Know...
Always, know you're my Heavenly Angel and get me through my Days. 
With your Unconditional Everlasting Love & Peace 

Special thanks to Sherry Wilbourn Smith for driving me last year to Space & Rocket Center & This Year To Honor your Memory

Wtitten By: Dustin's Mom -Gina Haga Nielsen


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday Son Alex

Dear Alex Son,
Happy 16th Birthday.
As I've told you before, I wished for you many times throwing change into wishing wells. Praying God would give me another baby boy. As you know there is 13 years difference between you and your brother as his birthday and yours falls almost a month apart.

He was raised in a Video Store and so was you the first few years of your life and while I was carrying you, we would go to Waffle House every single morning, have breakfast and talk Nascar with all the Nascar guys out there in Horn Lake, Mississippi. Egg and Cheese Sandwiches with side order of Hashbrowns. 

Then Cracker Barrel was for Lunch, My favorite still today a Veggie plate, Pinto Beans, Dumplings, Hashbrown Cassarole, Fried Okra znd of course Cornbread. It's a wonder you didn't become a Vegetarian like me because of me being a full on vegetarian. Good thing my Mother taught me to cook Meat because both you and your brother love meat. Even with all those vegetables I gained a whooping 60 pounds with you and exercised and never really sit down much.

You came into the World weighing in at 7lbs exactly..
20 inches Long....

We were all excited on Christmas 1997 when we found out you were on your way. Your brother suggested I write the White House... At first, I thought they would never pay attention, let alone write back Congratulating. Well, once again I was proven wrong...
Needless to say I Jumped For Joy..

We decorated your baby room in Winnie The Pooh and I remember sitting in the rocker we had in there just waiting patiently for you to arrive. Even though your Brother was older and a teenager at the time, I was afraid because my Mama was there to teach me all about babies and now I had to learn on my own with you. So, every-time  you sneezed I ran you up to the doctor until he finally said, Mrs. Nielsen, children are going to sneeze he's alright and will be fine. At the time, we also had Guardianship of your Cousin Desiree and she helped some and was also a teenager.

I feel so blessed that God has chose me to be your Mother as Dustin's. You two Sons have taught me so much more about life and love than I could ever imagine. I cannot imagine not being a Mom at all. You two are my purpose and what I feel I was meant to do and you come first and foremost always. Always, Son, know that I'm here for you. 

Littleton, Colorado 2007 
Fayetville, Tennessee

This Is your second school in 1st grade below:
Lakewood, Colorado

Son, Just always remember how much I Love You. It doesn't matter how old you or I get you are the most precious person to me. Just hearing your voice and knowing your alright makes my day. I miss you more than words can express so with God's Grace may you always feel the Love between my heart and yours.
The Cross I sent you for your birthday is to let you know you always have Love from your brother up above and from myself and God. Always Love yourself and take good care of yourself Son.

I Love You -Mom


Friday, July 18, 2014

In Loving Memory Of My Son Dustin Cody Parker

Balloon Release
Dustin's Hometown
Huntsville, Alabama

4th of July Weekend
With Abby (Dustin's Cousin, My Niece)

Huntsville-Madison County
Athletes Hall  Fame

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day Daddy 2014

Happy Father's Day Daddy
Went across the Tennessee River today to go visit your Resting Place at our family cemetery.
Stopped right at the road that goes to your house at the Wavaho Gas Station Hwy 36. 
Thinking how you, Dustin and I would go there and buy cold drinks as you called them.

It took all I had not to ride by your Garage- and I'll never forget when you moved to the farm, you gave me directions out there and said, "Turn Right by the Mailbox with the Horse on it and go down a piece and turn right again... I still laugh about that...

Just like you, always having Misty, our dog as your Co-Pilot, Today, I brought my Parrot along, 
Really wanted Alex to visit Alabama this year so we could go out there together.
He did go one year and we stayed out there for a couple hours as he picked up all the flowers that the wind had blown. He put them where he thought they belonged. That made me happy.

The Family has really did a wonderful tribute to all the family with decorations.

There is not a day that goes by, that I don't long for you.

I'm so grateful you were chosen to be my Daddy by the Grace of God.

Sincerely , Your Only Daughter -Gina Gail
Missing You Daddy
 Mango -Sun Conure Parrot

Nannie and Paw Paw

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Uncle Wiley

My Uncle Wiley & Aunt Jewel 2009
Tower's death tugs at plenty of hearts in community
Saturday, January 17, 2009
Times Business Writer gina.hannah@htimes.com

Clarence Wiley respected mentor for many in trade

At his memorial service last week, Clarence Wiley's friends wanted to pay him a fitting tribute.
So fellow tow truck driver Jeff Patten rolled Wiley's empty rig onto his own roll-back wrecker and led a procession of more than 20 tow trucks to the grave site, escorted by police officers.
"Even the police got out and stood at attention," Patten said. "He was very, very well respected in the community. Everybody who's in the towing business who was age 25 or over knew him."

Your Niece
Gina Gail

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014

My Grandma
Mary Lucille Boyd
Owner of Boyd Electric
Previously of Huntsville, Alabama
Mother Of 6
Mamas Mother

My Aunt
Lady of Many Talents
Mother of Two
Mamas Baby/ Sister

My Mother
Mother of 3
Foster Of Many
Mother Of Two
Foster Of Many